Motion Graphic Designer based in Bordeaux, France
Always tuned in.
On your imagination’s side.
To honor your ethics and values.
In adequacy with your company’s image.
Each project is unique.
Skills, creativity, simplicity of listening and approach.
Advices, performances, I apply to emphasize your project and give it an exclusive dimension.
LS, it is the taste, the accuracy, it is unequalled.
A unique interlocutor, a simplicity of exchanges
Adequacy imagination, innovation creativity.
LS : Brings your ideas to life.


Graphic Image

Imagine, create a whole world for your project.

With your colors, values, typography.

Motion Graphic

Animation in a 2D world.

Flat design, iconography, white board.

Animation 3D

Everything is possible. 3D goes beyond our imagination

Your product, your innovation


You want to explain your new software or application

There is a way to do it with fun


If you have a project you would like to discuss,
get in touch.

Laura Sabourdy

+33 (0)6 955 272 31

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